(SOLVED) Midi drum pad crash

Hi Lars
I have an M Audio Oxygen Pro Mini which is working fine with your latest update on my gallery tab 3 (SM-T820) Andriod 9
I have assigned its controls to Cubasis and it behaves itself very well apart from the drum pads: they work fine, triggering off the assigned drum samples from Classic Machines but when I record using the pads Cubasis freezes up just a few beats in. Using the keyboard notes to activate the drum machine seems to be fine but i would love to use the pads as they are an expressive dynamic to playing. I’m using cubasis live and using the tracks to loop. As long as I don’t bog down my cpu with too many tracks Cubasis is stable apart from using said midi pads which is a great shame.
Just let me know if there is any info you need and I will try to oblige.
Thanks for all your hard work, I can imagine it is a never ending game of catch up. I choose Android divices because of the freedom it give but at a cost!
Yours with respect,

Hi all
I’ve solved my drum pad crash problem.
In the end I looked up a youtube tutorial for my M audio oxygen pro mini midi keyboard and with lot of fiddling about (I was up till 1.30am last night determined to sort this out) fixed it. The pads are preprogamed and this must have been confusing cubasis by my own midi assign though midi learn, hence the crashes.
So, after deleting the assigned midi drum pads with midi learn in Cubasis I programmed the pads through the keyboard itself. This involves changing the piano notes that the pads are assigned to via it’s own controls.
A note here: weirdly there is a whole octave shift when programming the pads. i.e. C1 in Cubasis is C2 in M audio keyboard. (just to make a complicated thing more complicated!)
Anyway, there you go. Good luck all and I hope this wasn’t too long winded or confusing if you’ve had the same problems as me.

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Hi @go.cranial,

I’ve solved my drum pad crash problem.

Thanks for your updated message.
Glad to read you’ve been able to resolve your problem!!

Stay well,