[SOLVED] midi editing problem after last update

After the last update if I try to edit a midi track, how to touch the grid to insert a note or to modify it the app closes.
I’m using cubasis 2 with ipad 3.
Someone has encountered this problem … ???
Who can help me???.
Thanks in advance.

Same exact problem here. Using IOS 9.3.3 on an iPad 4th generation.

Please have a look at this topic:

The issue will be address in the next Cubasis update, to be released very soon.


I have the same problem. Bought Cubasis 2.4 for my I Pad 2 (iOS 9.3.5) - When you try to do any type of edit the system crashes and chucks you out of the program.

I hope this can be rectified as if not we have all bought a program not fit for purpose

Gerald Bellot (New User)
I Pad 2 (Ios 9.3.5)
Cubasis 2.4 (32 BIT)

Dear all,

Cubasis 2.4.1 is available and addresses the Cubasis issues on iOS 9.3.5:

Best wishes,