[SOLVED] Midi Effect Recording

first, please excuse my bad english!

I own Cubasis 2 und 3. Could you please explain, how I can record midi events from midi generating plugins in Cubasis 3!

I tried out the following:

  1. Created a new midi track with a midi instrument.
  2. In the routing „All Midi Inputs“ are activated.
  3. Adding a midieffect, for example „Riffer“ or „Rozeta Bassline“ or other.
  4. When I play the midi-generator I can hear the sound of the midi-instrument.
  5. When I activate „Record“ I still hear the generatet sound, but nothing is recorded. After recording the track stays blank.

The same procedere works in Cubasis 2 as expected. Perhaps I must have to do something different in Cubasis 3!?

Please show me the way to use this feature also in Cubasis 3.


Hi hirni1,

Please note that the AU MIDI plug-in option comes with Rec To Track and MIDI Thru buttons in the effect rack, which allows you to determine the recording behavior.

To learn more how to use the feature properly, please have a look at our dedicated Cubasis Audio Unit MIDI tutorial.

Hope that helps.


Thank You, but…

„ The requested page could not be found.“

I found it out now and it works!


Hi hirni1,

Thanks for your message.
Glad to read that the issue is solved!