[SOLVED] MIDI instrument mapping?

I’m a newbie here, enjoying QBASIS 2 on my iPad. Just upgraded from “LE” to the full version.

I apologize if this has already been discussed… I haven’t been able to find this information:

What is the MIDI “instrument mapping” used by QBASIS? (For example, what note number does QBASIS send out when Bluetooth MIDI-out is enabled, and I hit “middle-C” on its keyboard?)

Conversely, what internal instrument is activated when I send, for example, middle-C TO QBASIS from my external MIDI keyboard?

(Note - I’m not asking about MIDI channel mapping, but rather instrument mapping!)

Does QBASIS use the “General MIDI” scheme? If not, where can I find QB’s MIDI mapping table?

Thanks in advance to anyone responding to this!

Hi Kskruser,

The MIDI instrument mapping is C0 = MIDI key 24.
Cubasis’ drum mapping follows General MIDI standard with the exception of the Allen Morgan drum kits.

Hope that helps.