{SOLVED} MIDI Remote Help


I use a Nektar Panorama P6 as my MIDI controller. The ModWheel is broken.

I want to use one of the volume faders to control CC1 (modulation) at the master level… no matter what vst instrument I use, I would like that particular fader to always control CC1. Am at a loss as to how to go about setting this up in MIDI Remote.

I have already setup the control surface in the MIDI Remote Editor… I have mapped most other knobs/ dials to the functions I’d like them to control. Just can’t figure out how to set up this fader to CC1 for all VST instruments.

I would be grateful for any help/ pointers on how to achieve this.

Thank you!

Don’t use midi remote for this. You need to set this up on your hardware. Set the fader to send cc1.

As misohoza said, this has to be set up on the hardware itself (there is most likely a remapping-software for your controller). Also, you have to delete the fader you want to use for CC1 from your MidiRemote configuration in Cubase, otherwise the CC won’t go through. I wrote more detailed post concerning a similar problem over here: How to assign Midi CC# for a new Cubase 12 feature - MIDI Remote? - #4 by dave_besp

Thanks misohoza and dave_besp… I’ll look up the hardware manual for this.

EDIT - Done! Took me 2 minutes… :slight_smile: