[SOLVED]Midi tracks...

So this is a “newbie” question, though I’m not new to Cubasis or MIDI…

When I have multiple MIDI tracks going I can’t seem to find a way to keep my controller (M-Audio 61) from playing the sounds of multiple previously recorded tracks. In other words, if I create a Piano track on Track 1 (from Sampletank for instance), then I go to record a String Pad either from within Cubasis or IAA (BS-16i as an example) my controller is still playing the piano from Track 1, along with the sound of Track 2. When I play them back, they are seperate with no crossover…

I have tried eveything I can adjust in the routing, but I can’t seem to keep this from happening. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Hi jg707,

Please check your midi outputs on iAA track.
Assign your tracks to " No midi output ".
Now your controller should playing only the selected midi track.


This solution definitely does not work here.
I just saw the user has the same problem as I reported in another thread.

Can anyone from Steinberg please clarify?
It is essential for recording in Cubasis with external midi controller to know how this is supposed to work.

I have confirmed the MIDI output and have tried everything else I can think of, but the issue continues… :frowning:

Same here: trying to solve the issue has cost me hours in vain on vacation.

And while the first Steinberg answers came fast, now the roaring silence tells me that they probably
a) try to verify or falsify the issue
b) might already be bug hunting

Any other users in here working with external midi controllers and several IAA tracks?

I think in this case you’d have to adjust the MIDI in channel, not the outputs… though the outputs could be conflicting too.

Make sure each track has its own MIDI IN/OUT channel, then set your controller accordingly for the track you want to perform.

A workaround has been posted in the Trouble with IAA midi thread: works for most IAA synths.


read my description here:


It’s not a workaround, it’s the right midi configuration description inside the iAA midi setup.