[Solved-might work with other plugins] NI Kontakt 5 and Reaktor 6 not Working on Cubase Pro 10.5

So, just tested them in Cubase 10.2 and they work both there or in stand alone outside cubase

In Cubase PRO 10.5

Kontakt 5 doesn’t open
Reaktor 6 crashes Cubase every time

meanwhile Reaktor 5 works fine

Win 10

No other issues to report so far

Both Kontakt 5 & Reaktor 6 working fine here and I’d expect this forum would be blowing up if there was generally a problem with NI stuff.

Your issues are probably related to your system config somehow. Which is one of the reasons we encourage folks to include their system info in their sigs (hint, hint :wink: )

There is no Cubase 10.2, guessing 10.0.20?

Hi, you’re correct, both Reaktor 6 and Kontat 5 work on cubase 10.0.2 and standalone,not on 10.5 though…

------- things i’ve tried------

  • uninstalled komplete kontrol
  • reinstalling kontakt 5 and reaktor 6
  • cleared all cubase VST lists (multiple times)
  • changed vst’s directory
  • removed NI 32 bit folder from cubase vst list

nothing fixed it so far…

i might uninstall/reinstall cubase 10.5 too because i can’t think of much else right now
going to see if any cubase preferences list/cache can be cleared too before that

those are the only plugins i have issues with!

win 10 professional, cubase 10.0.2/10.5
all system drivers updated


[with a tip from current sound]
all working now, i had forgotten something :wink:
had the same issue with 10.0.0 and forgot how i fixed it

to anyone with such issues, some people complain in steinberg forums about multiple plugins not working, EZdrummer, falcon, …, …, …

The fix was…
1 - set cubase to admin mode
2 - clear all the vst lists from cubase (changing pluging folder location didn’t work with me)
3 - restart cubase.
4 - eventually a PC restart could help/be needed ( i didn’t need it)…

it might help with some other plugins too… :ugeek: