[SOLVED] Migrating C8 -> C8.5 problems.


I have 2 problems with new version:

  1. My settings from C8 Pro was not automaticly imported to C8.5. So I copy them manually. Well, seems they are still not present in C8.5. So when I load project from 8.0.3 external instrument is inactive. I activate it and rout its input in VSTconnections. But this track is still inactive (cant click solo, mute) and no audio from it. But in empty project, I can add this external instrument and everything is ok…What is wrong ?

  2. In Media Bay I can see Steinberg VST instruments pictures, but there is nothing in “Loops & Samples” section. Completly empty. I have few Steinberg sample packs for shure. I scanned every single folder with my content in “normal Media Bay”. And still empty. What happend ?

Please share your experience.



I had a bit of a mare with External FX. In the end I just deleted them and set them up again from scratch - I had to delete all the old instances of them from my project and then add the new instances again before I got it all working smoothly.

Can you duplicate the problem track, delete the original and route the External Instrument to the new copy? Will that let you enable things again?


Thank you for reply. I copy everything from User folder C8 to C8.5 again and nowe everything is back ! Even my sample packs from Steinberg shows up. Strange…but works now.