[SOLVED] Mini sampler not changing sound on pad

Hello there.i have a quick question.when I load a custom preset of mini sampler and record a midi loop,when I try to change the sound on the pad it still plays the old sound.please watch the video for better understanding.thnaks in advance for the reply

Hi John1289,

Thanks for your message.
The YT link above seems to be wrong, assuming this seems to be the correct link: https://youtu.be/n1-TxLMQIh4

The Pads’ Edit function allows pad remapping of existing instruments, without changing their individual MIDI notes.
This feature might be helpful to re-arrange individual drum instruments, resulting in an improved pad mapping for performances/recordings (e.g. placing a “clap” next to the “kick” pad-wise). However this change does not affect existing MIDI mappings of the MiniSampler instrument.

The MiniSampler allows to remap (user) instruments, including their individual MIDI notes pretty easily.
These are the steps:

  • Open the MiniSampler instrument
  • Tap, hold and move the MIDI note name of the instrument you want to change (e.g. a snare drum on D1)
  • Move the instrument to an empty key to the right
  • Tap, hold and move the MIDI note name of the instrument you want to move to D1 (e.g. a side stick)

Here are some additional tips:

  • Before changing a MiniSampler user instrument, it might make sense to create a duplicate of it via the Apple Files app
  • To learn more about MiniSampler, this is the link to the available tutorial: https://youtu.be/QtHh3D4EZV8

Hope that helps…


Hello Lars once again thanksfor the reply.u just made everything clear…i will do as suggested.but please add more features to the mini sampler :joy::joy:have a nice day,and thanks once again

Hi John1289,

I’m glad it helped to sort out the problem.
Thanks for the update.