[ Solved! ] Mishap during registration of Cubase 13 locks me out of all Steinberg programs

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Since it’s FastSpring now and not Ask. net doing the Steinbrg web shop things have chaned a little. I got a little stuck in the process and used an email address I have connected to the payment which I use for online purchases which was the only option it seemed and not too nefarious. This is not the same email address I use for anything steinberg.net and it used to work with ask.net as well. Nevertheless it looked good to me when I hit the [ buy Cubase 13 ] button. I downloaded and installed the program and then I was greeted with “No license found” in the Steinberg Activation Manager. Then I realized NOTHING would work!!! Not good. I have created a ticket and also a topic for that separately but I’m also trying the skills of the forumits. What do I do. It’s getting painful after almost a week!!! Any ideas?


[ edit after the solution ]
I could probably just have logged out from the Steinberg Activation Manager and logged in with my preferred email address and there would have been no problem, but that didn’t for some reason occur to me in the heat of the moment.

As far as I know the email address used for Fastspring has nothing to do with your Steinberg mail address. All you get from Fastspring is a code for your update license and then you enter that in the Download Assistant.

Make sure you are logged in to Download Assistant and Activation Manager with your usual mail id, the one that you used previously for your Steinberg products. That is all I did and it work like a charm

I have my online shopping email address visible in my Steinberg Activation Manager and the email I use for “other things” is visible in all other places so there is a mismatch. Also I tried to change at least temporay my “default” Steinberg email address in MySteinberg but there I was informed that what I entered was not a proper email address?!!? Same with the password by the way.

Yes, but I think I saw in that “closed shop” thread that some users had Steinberg accounts “autogenerated” if the e-mail address was not already found.

I used the same email as I always did and upgraded to 13 just fine, but it seems @HowlingUlf is HowlingUlf for Steinberg most of the time, except when buying.

Ideally, the email should be used just to receive the code. Maybe I want to buy an upgrade to gift to a friend, but I don’t want it associated with my account for my example. I’d just receive the code, send it over as text, everyone’s happy.

That is exactly what happened when I bought the upgrade. My mail address for Fastspring is different from the Steinberg id and I got the mail with the download code. I entered it in the Download Assistant and that’s it.

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The online payment provider has a login email address which is not what I use at the Steinberg site, which is probably the root of the problem. To be able to pay I had to use that address. And then that address somehow was also registered as the address in the Steinberg Activation Manager!!!
I have also uninstalled/reinstalled the Steinberg Activation Manager when running out of ideas to try but the wrong address stuck …

@HowlingUlf, so you now have 2 Steinberg accounts essentially, and you don’t know which one is which? Don’t you have “remember-me” auto complete for this page below?


Do you remember if you were logged-in when you started to shop at the online shop? And which account was that?

Ooof, I think this is a job for support if you can’t remember the credentials for both accounts. :frowning_face:

I think you’re onto something. I logged out from my old MySteinberg and logged in to … my NEW MySteinberg with the “shopping” email address. And it worked … alas there are not a single product registered there. Not even Cubase 13 …
So I have the credetnials for both accounts.
I must have bee logged in with my “default” Steinerg account if I was logged in at all. And then in the process while buying Cubase 13 I was made to go to the payment service website and login so there somewhere it went south.

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So, if you open the e-mail with the code and copy that, log in to your ordinary account through my steinberg in a browser, then launch SAM so that it sees it’s you, use the code in the Download Assistant to register the new product (phew), it should work then, right?

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That’s maybe … it!
But what’s this silly message doing in my way?

Authorize Steinberg Activation Manager

To authorize Steinberg Activation Manager, you must allow your browser to open Steinberg Activation Manager. Once authorization is completed, you can close this page and continue working with Steinberg Activation Manager.

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Yeah, that’s the crux of the whole matter.

You log-in through the browser as “Mr. X” You authorize SAM to recognize you as Mr X. And then each time you log-in to SAM, you’re Mr. X. No need for a new authorization.

When you changed to Mr. T, SAM automatically thought you’re Mr. T, who owns jack poopies Steinberg products.

Essentially, you log-in as yourself in the browser first, give permission, and then all gizmos (SAM, Download Manager etc), recognize it’s you

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Yeah, there use to be a llittle popup letting you allow your browser to do that but I haven’t seen that now?

I don’t remember about the pop up exactly, but I do remember the “you can now close this page” part.

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Forget about the freakin’ popup. IT WORKED!!! :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

I’m in and all programs now work again! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Will you marry me? … umm … no, that was one step to much and it won’t work because of … reasons :rofl: . Is it OK with just a Thank you! ? :innocent:

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Naw hahaha! Say hi to the wife instead. But thank you anyway! :sunglasses:

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