Solved—Missing flowtitle

I created a new master page that looks like this:

I applied it to a flow. Everything seems to work except the flowtitle, which is blank. Yes, I do have a title for the flow. flowcomposer and flowcopyright appear just fine. I just tried adding flowlyricist and that worked as well.

In Layout Options, show flow headings is set to “For all flows”.

I may be screwing things up by putting the flowtitle into a page template rather than a flow template, but every other flow token seems to work. I can replace flowtitle with flowcomposer and the composer’s name appears where the title should.

There must be some option somewhere that I don’t know about. Admittedly, I’m new to Dorico, so this seems the most likely source of the problem.

One thing may cause text to disappear: if there are ‘breaking space’ characters before the text you want, this could cause your Flow Title to disappear below the lower line of the text box.

Layout Options > Flows > Show Flow title above Flow Heading is set to Hide by default.

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That was it. This option is followed by some note about running headers, so that was what I thought this referred to.


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