SOLVED Missing samples on Halion 5 and Pashop Pro on Yosemit

I will rephrase my previous posts, since probable was not clear enough. I got rid of my Win PC and bought an Mac Mini, with Yosemite already installed.

I have C7.5, so I have some problems, but finally I could installed it and it seems to work fine. But Halion 5 has 268 missing samples, and can’t find the basic library samples on Padshop Pro.
Did anybody has the same problem? Is there a solution? I need to finish a work, and I can’t because I don’t have the sounds I bought last year ¡¡¡

Will C8 solve this problem?

Any help will be very appreciated.
Thanks a lot


Aloha M,

Your post now has me wondering if the:
Steinberg Application Installer Tool for Yosemite
might help in your case.

Both H5 and Padshop (not sure about the pro version) are on this list:

Good Luck!

Aloha ¡¡¡ (I love Maui, by the way…)

It helped actually, but not with Halion missing samples. I used the Application Installer to install it all, but the samples are still missing.

Mahalo ¡¡


Just to chime in, as I did a new OS install last week (crashed SSD)… Did you use the full installers for these plugins before the updates? Also, for the missing samples in HALion, I grabbed the HALion sonic SE installer from CB7.5 to fix some missing samples, these bundles seem interrelated…

Hope this helps, good luck!

Hi and thanks…
1- yes, I did…
2- Would you please elaborate about the Halion SE installer? I don’t quite understand… and may be is the solution ¡¡ (no answer from Sternberg yet…)

Thanks and regards…

Misspelling on my end… I meant HALion Sonic SE, not HALion SE… Halion Sonic SE was introduced in CB7.5… There are some ISO installers here:

Below the full CB7.5 ISO is a Halion Sonic SE ISO… and also an aditional content update… these might be able to get you going…

Good luck!

SOLVED (it seems)

VinnieD, thanks a million, seems that re-installing Sonic 2 everything looks fine now.