[SOLVED] Mix down between locators

After I’m done with a song. It has 11 tracks. I go to create mix down. I pick MP4. I click mix between locators. And include effect tails. Then I hit start mix down. My locators do not cover the whole song. Only my beginning. When I play it back it does not stop where my locator ends. It stops maybe like 5 seconds after my locator ends. And the part that I hear after my locator sounds off beat and mixed up.

Hi Geque2000,

Thank you for your message.

Gave the topic a short check with the Smear demo project:

  • Set “L/R locators” to match length of the song
  • Go to “Media/Mixdown”
  • Tap “Create Mixdown”
  • Open “M4A” tab
  • Enable “Mixdown between locators” and disable “Include effect tail”

With these settings, things work as expected.

Please give it a try, and let me know about your results.


That did work. But I didn’t want the length of the whole song. I wanted just the beginning of the song to experimental in a different app. In Cubasis 2 it actually just do what’s between the indicators. So I guess my question is can you not set the locators shorter then the song. I actually just did the same check that you did with the smear demo. But I didn’t do the whole song. It did the same thing. It did not cut off when the indicator ended. And what play after the right indicator sounded funny…

Hi Geque2000,

Please follow the same settings as above, and set the L/R locators accordingly.
Gave it a short check (make sure "Include effect tail is off), and works as expected.

Please give it another try!


Thanks you’re right. Turning off the effect tails worked. Thanks for responding

Perfect, thanks for the update, Geque2000!
Stay well & best wishes!


As an extra thought…

If you have effects on a project like delay or reverb,
You can listen to the end of your song to where the delay or reverb ends and put the L marker at the
Point the effect finally ends…

Then mixdown between locators,
Do not include effects tail,
This will end your song with the effect up to the L locator.
It’s a matter of trial and error, but it’s the easiest way to do it…

The concept is correct but replace R for L. :wink: