{SOLVED}Mix reference track/Routing

would like to have a special mix reference routing that passes the master buss,maybe directly to Control room output without any proceeding,regular audio track with option to rout that or special mix reference track.

i know its possible to do that with groups,but its not that convenient,especially if you started mixing all tracks ruoted to to the master buss(which is typical)

if your not using control room, just create a new stereo output with the same outs as your main out. rout your reference audio track to that new output.

if you are using control room, go to preferences and uncheck the “Exclusive Device Port for monitor channels” option under VST->Control Room.
Then, use F4 to create another stereo “monitor” out in control room, set in to the same outs as your main output and again, your good to go.

hope this helps

actually its what i needed :wink:
did they change the exclusive port function in 8-8.5 ? (i upgraded from 7.5 in my studio recently although at home i have 8 and 8.5 since they are out) i couldn’t set in 7.5 the same physical HW outputs to more then one output in cubase 7.5… or i just didnt do it right !! ? :blush: anyway it works for me now :mrgreen: