[SOLVED]MixConsole - window zone key commands

What’s the trick to getting these to work please…? Anyone know of one…?

You can’t seem to set separate commands for these functions (for the MixConsole) in the Key Commands dialog, that I could see; they are set as the same ones that work great, in the Arrange page (i.e. CTRL+ALT+L or R) - under the ‘Windows Zone’ category.

I’m using a two monitor setup - main app and Arrange page on the first (main) monitor; MixConsole 1 open (on its own) on my second monitor. And yes, I’m making sure the MixConsole is in focus when trying the commands. The buttons themselves (top right-hand corner) work ok of course when mouse-clicked.

(Sorry if its been covered before, I did look… just point me to the thread if so; many thanks.)



This is an known issue. No solution so far, as far as I know.

Hmm… Ok, thanks Martin.

The problem is the tool hints (the explanations that pop up when you hover the mouse over where you should click) is mislabeled. Trust me, it took Steve in Chicago several explanations before I got it through my thick skull. :smiley:

The KC window zones folder is fairly new. FYI you can use a key command from the Key Commands mixer folder. Mixer>show/hide channel selector, but you need mixer focus first. Show/hide right zone is “show hide control room/meter” in the KC mixer folder.

So, assuming you focus, it does all work. It’s just that the hints are mislabeled.

Larger perspective, the whole KC needs an overhaul. There are other mislabeled hints, plus there needs to be a focus improvement that corresponds with KC’s. The method of using a mouse and clicking on a function, then going to KC’s to see it highlighted doesn’t work sometimes.

Wow.! Thank you @greggybud - after reading your post, I just took another look and this is all exactly as you say…!

I too was ‘fooled’ by those Tooltips - they are simply wrong. And, as I’d said, of course I went hunting in the ‘Windows Zone’ category of Key Commands to see if I could assign my own - but, didn’t think further to look under ‘Mixer’ category instead. Thanks again for your insight and attention. Sorted.!

There seem to be a lot of tool tips that are wrong or mislabeled meaning a different name from what it is in Key Commands.

Another example is open the sample editor window. Assuming you have all tools open on the toolbar, mouse over “preview” and “audition loop.” Those do not exist in Key Commands. Instead in KC, it is listed as “preview cycle on/off.”

It would be nice to gather a list of mislabeled tool tips, but not sure of general interest in something that only effects a few users.