[SOLVED] Mixdown between locators now includes tails

Since the latest update, deselecting ‘include effect tails’ when mixing down audio now has no effect. So when trying to export a loop, you always get the tail.

I’m still running iOS 7.

Can someone confirm if this is because I haven’t updated iOS or if it is a general problem. This function worked fine before updating.

Edit: it seems that the button has been inverted. Selecting ‘include tails’ now mixes down without them.


sorry for the inconvenience… what other gear are you using?


I also experience a long tail after a mixdown. I don’t know, though, if it’s an effects tail or just an empty tail. It’s several minutes long.


Various IAA synths;

Yesterday I had iMPC Pro (IAA generator) driven off a midi track playing drums, bass line from TF7 and mid line from iSEM (IAA instruments).

They were working fine in Cubasis, so I record the iMPC drum track and freeze the two IAA instruments.

When I then mixdown it captures the delay/reverb tails when the ‘include tails’ option is deselected. As I discovered later, this isn’t fatal as it seems the button is reversed, select include tails and they are not included. There is however about half a second silence at the end of the mixdown.

I haven’t had the other problem reported above, with tails running over a minute.

Hi xenteq,

if possible please ZIP the project file (including a proper step-by-step description) and upload the file to WeTransfer (send it to your address).

Please provide me with the download link via PM afterwards, so we’re able to give the issue a repro.



Cheers Lars,

I will get it to you later this evening.

Ok, so either I was doing something stupid or the problem has fixed itself (my money is the former if I’m honest).

I tried numerous times last night to replicate the problem and everything now seems fine. Also, I am no longer getting silence at the end of mixdowns.

If the problems reappears i will send in a zip file.

Good to hear its working for now… let us know and we check the project anyways.