[SOLVED] Mixdown bug report

Hi, sorry for the bug report bombardment today, but I’ve just run into another problem:

  1. I finished mixing my project in Cubasis, so I set the locators to highlight the whole track that I wanted to Mixdown.

  2. I went into the Mixdown screen and selected ‘Wav’ and ticked ‘range between locators’ and ‘include effects tail’.

  3. The resulting Wav file was around 60MB and was 3 minutes and 48 seconds long. I then selected ‘share’ and ‘open with’ and selected ‘Final Touch’ so I could master the track.

  4. The track opened in Final Touch. After a couple of listens through, I decided that I’d set the bass too high in the original mix, so I went back into Cubasis, deleted the old Mixdown, reduced the bass channel volume slightly and created a new Mixdown.

  5. I repeated the steps to open the new mixdown in Final Touch.

  6. I started to listen to the Mixdown and discovered that all the individual parts were in the wrong places, and also discovered that the total track length was now 7 minutes and 22 seconds. The Wav file was 111MB

  7. I went back to Cubasis and double checked the arrangement. All parts were in the correct place and and the locators were set from 0 - 3 minutes 48.

  8. I quit Cubasis, relaunched it and tried making a Mixdown again. It produced the same jumbled mess.

  9. I loaded a different project in Cubasis and created a Mixdown of that track. Again, all of the individual audio tracks were mixed down in the wrong places on the timeline, producing a jumbled mess.

  10. I restarted my iPad.

This fixed the problem. Mixing down works as expected again.

I haven’t come across this issue before, so I just thought I’d let you know.

Many thanks,


Hi Dan,

Thanks for your report.

Please get back to me if you’ve been able to reproduce the issue after restarting the iPad.
Otherwise I would consider the issue to be an individual case.


For what it’s worth, I have the same problem with both wav and m4a mixdowns, so it’s not a one-off. I’ll try the ipad restart this evening.

Restarting the iPad fixed my problem as well; thanks to Dancore for the solution!

I had also tried most of the earlier steps he documented; different projects, restarting Cubasis…as well as also trying different output formats and option selections. Only the iPad restart solved the problem.

At least the workaround is fairly simple!