"Solved" Mixer Solo doesn't work


I have issues with the Mixer solo mute function.

I had also similar issues with other projects.

This time when I solo the 1st violin I get the cello with it but I don’t see the cello track meter move.

I use the Halion samples from Dorico.

I upload some bars of the project as it was already too heavy to attach.


I currently don’t have a machine with Dorico on it at hand, so I can’t prove it, but I do guess that the internal routing of HALion is messed up. Therefore, please open the HALion editor window and check where each slot is routed to. I guess that the violin and cello get sent to the same output port.

Would reapplying the Playback Template accomplish the rerouting automatically?

Yes, that’s usually the best approach. Use the Playback Template to set up the default playback and then change the sounds if required. If you load HSSE manually in the rack (as you would do in a DAW) then the MIDI channels won’t be set to separate outputs.

Thank you for your reply.
I didn’t try to change the instruments myself in the Play mode.
All instruments are in a separate channel.

Thank you Derrek and Paul.

I didn’t try to load HSSE manually so I don’t know why that happened.
I didn’t know how to Resetting playback templates but I found a thread with a link about it.
It works now.