[Solved] Mixer Solo Mute Buttons Not Working Properly


I’m struggling with the Mixer solo/Mute buttons which don’t appear to work properly.

I’m sure I read a thread on this and I thought there was a mention they would be fixed in version 1.0.30. I have this version so I probably got the wrong impression.

I’d just like to check that others here have the same issue and that it’s not something I’m missing.


Yes, we fixed something in the solo/mute area together with 1.0.30, but did not get any negative feedback so far.
What is it that you are seeing is not working properly? Can you maybe post a sample project with description?

If you have a project created in an earlier version that you have opened in 1.0.30, it’s possible that the solo/mute states might be slightly muddled, but clicking the S and M buttons to clear all current solo and mute states in the Mixer toolbar should set things straight.

Hello Ulf and Daniel,

Thank you for your very prompt replies; this support is amazing. :smiley:

Ahaa … ahaaa … Yes … This is a score created earlier … aannnd pressing those Solo and Mute buttons in the Mixer Toolbar did the job.

Great stuff, thanks again.

Best wishes,