[SOLVED] Mixer Views keycommands - shouldn't they toggle open-stay-open/close rather than open/cancel?

Using the Mixer View keycommands, Opening one Rack sections (say Cue Sends), will close all the others. There is no way to use key commands as if one were ctrl-Mouse clicking to open multiple rack sections.

I think it would be better if they worked as I am suggesting, where by if opened with a keycommands, they stay open. Then create a new key command to ‘Contract All Rack Sections’. This way, if someone wants the old protocol, they can create a macro:
-‘Contract All Rack Sections’
-‘Expand: Cue Sends’

how mouse works, first Left Clicking, then Ctrl+Left Clicking

Using Key Commands as is

The way I’m suggesting would allow
-A user to leave certain rack sections open always
-not disturb their current mixer setup just to for example open up the ‘Filters Gain’ section to flip phase - why close all the other sections to do one simple task?

Maybe the preference “Rack exclusic” is activated?
Then only one rack is open at a time

ahhh haa thanks, so many options everywhere

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I guess you “love” options :wink:

does it work like you expect it?



I guess 'Contract All Rack Sections" would still be a useful key command to add