[SOLVED] Moog Model D issue (Cubasis 2.4)

Dear all,

Some users have found out, that loading more than one Model D instances in Cubasis 2.4 can lead to serious problems, when trying to re-load these projects again at a later point.

We already exchanged with Moog, who confirmed to provide a fix for the issue with the next Moog Model D app update.
From what we know the update is expected to be released very soon.

Until the issue is being addressed by Moog, we recommend to limit the number of Model D apps used in Cubasis projects to a single instance.


It should be added that this app has incredibly great sound quality, surprisingly close to hardware Minimoog sounds, a juicy filter, the legendary Moog punch quality including fat basses, a resonance that doesn’t lower loudness in incovenient ways any more, naturally sounding overdrive through virtual “external input” volume overload, knob reactions very similar to the original, plus lots of other goodies (among others Midi CC learn for external control and a well done Arpeggiator with Hold function).

To me, this is the one of the very best sounding and useable apps available in the App store, along with the Scarbee Rhodes in Korg’s Module. Both sound better, than many middle class VSTis IMO.

lars, you’ve fixed mixdown rendering of model d with the new au unit mixdown setting - thanks!

Moog already provided an update that addresses the issue;

Minimoog Model D App v1.0.3 was just approved by Apple and is being propagated through the App Store. This update should fix the issue described in this thread.