[Solved]more than two participants, video-call?

Is it possible to be more then two participants sharing the video-call as a group example “Google hangouts”?

Of course only record audio between two “users” but more then two participants sharing the video-call?

That would be useful both for Music Industry and Film and TV industry. Sometimes other co producer, co writer, Artist Manager, A&R, Record representatives, Film Director, Executive Producers etc. want take part and listing during sessions. To have a professional solution to be “there”; “online” join a video call thru the computer or with a help of a smartphone would be really great. :smiley:

I see especial needed for this in Film & TV segment, directors coaching the Actor in a voiceover situation TV, Film and Trailer projects.
Today I need sometimes use Skype instead for these situations. It would be much better to present a professional solutions for the clients and with top quality audio. :wink:

Is it possible today already or will this features be added in the near future?
Thanks in advance!

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I believe in the video (yes that video) they said it uses peer to peer communication, so technically it is perfectly possible. I do not know, of course, if it’s possible this time around, but see no apparent reason why it wouldn’t be in the future.

What would be really cool, is to have a folder like, that is a peer folder, track that contains one or more audio tracks as shared by a peer (maybe even a video track), that can then be recorded as needed. You could of course be represented similarly on the other end. If you could then instantiate more peers this way, that would pretty cool.

Yeah! :wink:

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Can I please get any reply on my question, Steinberg?

Thank you in advance!

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Yeah, this would be great… even if it’s only possible with studio pass.