[SOLVED] MOTIF VSTi Editor 1.6.4 not compatible with C8

Just recorded some MIDI keyboard using a MOTIF XS on a F/W connection.

MIDI plays back early by about a crotchet beat at 120bpm.

Can anyone else confirm this?

EDIT: Changed title of thread so others can find it more easily

Are you using the Midi time stamp ?

Using Windows timestamp.

The notes appear correctly positioned in the editor but play back early on the VSTi

I have the same problem.
I use a Yamaha MOXF8, and when I record MIDI data the tones ends up correctly, but when playing the sound from the Yamaha synth, it plays one step before the correct drawn note in Key editor.
But when I use a VST instrument it plays correct.
Didn’t have this problem in 7.5 with the same setup.

This is even stranger. When I have done an quantize on the notes, it stills playback the original notes as I played them, even though I can see that they are corrected in the key editor?
But still, not on VST instruments, only with the MOXF8 sound.

I have just learnt from another thread that there is a compatibility issue with the Motif XS VST editor (and therefore the Motif XS extension which relies on it) and C8.

My guess is that there maybe a similar issue with the MOX VST editor/extension.

I’m told a new version of the XS editor should be available before the end of January.

Thanks Jenks,
Yes it seemed like it was the Editor when it was only we with Yamaha that had the problem.
We just have to wait then.


Also check if you use the 64 bit version. You can only open the editor on Mac if you use 32 bit…

Im having an issue too with vsti plugiun playing midi early…will just have to use Cubase 7.5 for now as it works fine.

Very disappointed about this thanks for posting, this and other issues are deal breakers for me so I won’t be upgrading.

There seems to be an acknowledgement that there is a problem with the VSTi editors with C8 on the MAC


Does anyone know if a similar acknowledgement exists for C8 on Win?

hello I am on windows 7 64bit and I have the same problem with the moxf 6 since I made ​​the updated cubase to 8 and actually everything works in cubase 7.5

It’s sad that we have to wait until January.

Any news on this please?

Please, see here:

Many thanks Fabio.

You can setup your Motif XS/XF, MOX/MOXF, Motif-Rack XS, or S90 XS/S70 XS as an External Instrument Plug-in VST and take advantage of VST routing (processing, Export Audio Mixdown, Freeze…)


Hope this helps… While you await the fix…

I didn’t work much on this issue and was unaware of that article, thanks a lot for the link.

Great to see you here Bad Mister…many thanks for the info.

I sold my Yamaha synth now so you guys at Steinberg don’t need to hurry up with the update for my sake anymore.