[SOLVED] Mouse Keys and shuttle pro 2 not working 6.0.7

Hi all,

After updating to 6.0.7 my mouse keys doesn´t work anymore.

I have a logitech mouse and using setpoint you can configure special keys in the mouse to do several actions. I have those special keys set to modifiers like “ctrl” “shift” … After updating nuendo doesn´t detect my mouse keys modifiers.

Thanks in advance.

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Is it possible Logitech no longer recognizes that it’s running? (this can be true when you can save Logitech profiles for different apps) Maybe you need to reselect Nuendo in the Logitech config util.

Hi Steve,

I don´t think so, cause we have global settings for all the applications and if change application focus to another program the mouse buttons works perfectly.

Thanks a lot.

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Well, it was worth a try.

Also having problems with shuttle pro 2

If I install shuttle pro sofware client everything works until I restart the computer, then I have to reinstall to have it working again.

Seems quite strange cause both mouse and shuttle pro works all the time in all others applications I have tried.

Please Steinberg and others need some help with this.

Thanks a lot.

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Really, without including your system info it’s not really possible to respond.

It’s pretty unlikely that these are Cubase issues, though conceivably they could be.

Sorry you are right

Windows 7 Ulimate 64 bits Service Pack 1
Gigabyte GA-X79-UD5
Intel Core I7 3930
64Gb Ram ddr3 1600
Quadro NVS450
Nuendo 6.0.7
Shuttle Pro 2.1
Setpoint 6.61.15

Thanks a lot.

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Is the Shuttle Pro software installed with the same user permissions as Cubase? (for all users/this user only).

That’s really all I got… don’t have a way to test this on Windows.

Both All users. Login as admin

Thanks a lot

Hmph. It’s weird that both problems are happening. They resemble each other.

Yes, it seems that nuendo is not capable of recognizing keystrokes from different devices.


Was something related to windows UAC. Thanks Steve for pointing me in that direction.