[SOLVED] Move tracks up down?

Sorry to ask such a simple question, but I just didn’t find a way to rearrange track order.

Hello jimknopf,

longtap on the track you want to move, a gray box will appear, then drag up and down to move the track,

Kind regards,

Thank you, Frieder!

Tried pushing, but didn’t hold long enough to see the gray box.
Is it in the help file already? I didn’t find it by searching for “move track”, or by fast browsing through chapters manually.

Hi jimknopf,

simply place your finger on a track in the track list (e.g. track 3) and wait a little moment.
You will then notice a shaded transparent rectangle that can be easily moved to the desired position in the track list.

Let me know if you still struggle and I’ll provide a short clip.



Sorry, that was a misunderstanding.

I HAD tried pushing before asking here, just not long enough.
After your answer I had no problems getting the desired result.

If not already there, it is probably good to have the hint in the Cubasis help file.