solved: moving notes horizontally with insert mode

Hi, I am a new Dorico user. I’m planning to switch the main notation program from Sibelius 7.5 to Dorico. For the first project, I started to write a small chamber music on Dorico. So far I’m enjoying to learn and write on Dorico a lot. I feel very promising about the further development of this program.
I’d like to share an information because I encountered an unexpected result when trying to move notes horizontally(alt+right arrow) with insert mode on. Some notes are pushed forward, while some notes stayed where they were(fourth beat of bar 10 on harp part), which made the phrase corrupted. I attached what happened to the notes as before and after images. This is not a big problem for me now, but I wanted to share because it is scary if this happens on a longer piece where I don’t notice it happened.

Dear Tanaka,

I tried that (in more than a year using Dorico, I never had to move notes with insert mode on…) and using alt-arrow always “only” moves the note, as intended. I am just wondering wether you inadvertently hit the shift key as well : alt-shift-arrow lengthens/shortens the rythmic value of the selected notes. VERY powerful tool, by the way.

Insert mode will only move material in the same voice, so that might explain why some things does not move. Turn on View -> Note and rest colors-> Voice colors to see wether everything is in the same voice.

I’ve been too busy to investigate properly, but I have one project where I was arrow-moving notes with insert on. Some of the following notes (after multiple bars’ rest) were moved and some weren’t. Likely operator error, but I was being careful. There may be some nuance to this that I have yet to learn.

Thanks everybody for your insight. As Marc pointed out, I was using Shift+Alt+arrow operation. I’m still learning the key commands…
And I was also not aware that the block chord with cross-staff notation belongs to either side of the staff; thus some notes don’t get pushed forward by alt-shift-arrow operation.
I tested again and confirmed that the program operates as intended.
If I move notes with Alt+arrow with insert mode off, the notes overwrite the adjacent notes. If I turn insert mode on, the adjacent notes are moved to where the moved notes were – nothing gets overwritten or deleted.

I found Shift+Alt+arrow command is powerful but is a dangerous tool in insert mode because it might break the vertical alignment of the latter notes (if there are multiple staff).
I should remind myself to always select all the staff in the system when I use Shift+Alt+arrow with insert mode.