SOLVED-MP3-PLUGIN not working WAVELAB Elem 8.0.5 OSX 10.10.1

Hi Everyone and their mates,

I have Apple MBP Retina, OS X Yosemite 10.10.1 and Wavelab Elements 8.0.5, and I bought the MP3-plugin from Steinberg - and my problem is that the MP3-plugin is not working.

The plugin installed, registered etc to my best knowledge completely ok, but the plugin won’t work; I can’t save or export stuff as MP3.

When trying to “save as”, MP3 is not an option.

There are, under Factory presets, available only Wav 16, Wav 24, Wav default and under “Encoded” come “Flac hq” and “Ogg vbr”.

File/ Export gives the very same options.

I am just so very, very tired of, after a long illness, trying to wrestle with stuff I bought, instead of doing some actual work with it - especially as the latest Windows version of the very same software (Wavelab Elements 8.0.4) won’t even start on Windows 8.1. (I left a separate question on this forum about that Win 8.1 & WL Elements problem, as I also use a Windows laptop and need to run Wavelab Elements on it, too.)

Imagine if Steinberg made cars, and the Diesel versions would not have working brakes (even the pedal would be missing), and the Gas versions would not even fire up… And imagine that the company then expected the customers to figure it all out by themselves. "Go to our nice forum and look at stuff under “Less than amazingly perfect user experience”.
If anyone have any good ideas, I’d be very relieved and happy to hear them.

And it would be just lovely if Steinberg would just not leave us to figure it out between ourselves, as it is my impression that the money I paid for the software went to the company, and not to the members of the forum.

So wise words from the company technical support would be highly appreciated.

I could of course be I’ve done/understood something terribly wrong, layman that I am. In which case I apologize. …But I would still need help to get the things going.

Thank you for your attention, and, eventual help. (Not so much for eventual ironical comments.)

Pray, do have a nice day. I’ll wait for my turn to have one…

don’t you see this?

Thank you for a reply!

No, I don’t have that.

When I select Render, I see somewhat similar screen, but in it there is no Audio File format choice other than File format window, saying Factory default settings, and when you click to open the choices it provides, you get what I mentioned in my post: Wav 16, 24, Ogg etc. No MP3. I did try to post a screenshot but frankly did not know how to do it.


At the bottom of the render dialog, do this:


Did that.

And hence, among other things, when I clicked on Type showing Wave (Microsoft) to change it, opened MPEG-1 layer 3 (MP3) !!! [/i].

Furthermore, in same dialogue (that opened from Edit) under Audio format (tha_t showed PCM (uncompredssed)_, opened a lot of choices, among them MPEG Layer-3. (Fraunhofer was not mentioned.)

So IT WAS MY STUPIDITY ALL ALONG. For some reason, inspite of all my tinkering I never, not once, happened to click those dialogues open. But I suspect I am not the only one, thus I described my moves ahead so meticulously.

So a million thanks - and one further question:

Do I have change these settings every time I want to save a file in MP3format? (And then change them back.)

I will regularly have to save every file I create both in WAV and in MP3 and it sounds like a pain in the hiney to have to change settings in various places and then change them back, every time, as I do not create lots of files at once, but every time I create one I have to save it in two formats.

So where exactly - in Type (that now says Microsoft WAV) or in Audio Format (that now says PCM (uncompressed) - or both? And somewhere else perhaps?

Am not being sarcastic, am simply asking to avoid future mishaps.

And one more thing - I apologize for wasting your time due to my stupidity. But I guess this reply series of yours - with screenshots no less - will help many other non-clever ones.

Now I can go and see if I have got answers of my question about Windows version of Wavelab Elements 8.0.4 not even starting in Win 8.1.

And i will try and click the thank button to give you kudos you deserve.

And can you as a moderator please put that * solved * thing in this thread, once you hopefully answer my question about the places where to audio format needs to be changed when saving as MP3 or coming back to WAV format.


Exhilaratedly yours,


One note still -

The question of Wavelab Elements 8.0.4 not even starting in Windows 8.1 was not actually mine but Patrik Ferdinansson’s, and no, there has been no answers to my add-on to the thread.

So a helping hand there is needed.

  • Or should I post that as a new question as people probably think Ferdinansson’s thread is passé and answered?


Do I have change these settings every time I want to save a file in MP3format? (And then change them back.)

You can create file format presets and reuse them without opening the file format dialog.
You create preset from the file format preset box.

Best practice is to either bump that topic (place a new reply saying bump or something) or create a new one. Having several issues in one topic is confusing for the poster and the people trying to answer or follow - not to mention find such a topic as reference.

BTW, you spoke with Philippe (PG), the Wavelab developer himself - best support ever of any software!


Thank you A.! I shall create a new entry for the windows issue.

It really feels great to get help, as due to health hardships, thankfully already partly passé my ability to delve into things and concentrate isn’t what it has been. Thus aggro that ought to have been directed to my personal inability to concentrate has been unduly directed to Steinberg, for which I thus apologise. And not knowing how to use the Thanks-button (have to learn it another time) I must thank you and Philippe here just in plain words: Thank you both!

A c.