[Solved] Multi-core support

I am creating some larger orchestral templates, and would like to make sure that the software is taking advantage of all 12 cores on my Mac Pro. I recently discovered that I can set how many cores to use in Halion, but when I select any amount of cores I receive the following alert:

“activating multi-core mode in both Halion Sonic SE and the host application may lead to dropouts during audio playback. Do you want to proceed?”

So does this mean that Dorico already assigns the cores automatically? I don’t see a setting for that anywhere except for in Halion. I don’t want to change the amount of cores being used, but simply want to make sure that the processors are being utilized efficiently.

In general, HALion and Dorico won’t be using all the cores at the same time. Dorico doesn’t do much while you’re playing (unless you choose to start editing) so it will be semi-idle. If you are just using HALion and no other VSTs then try giving it all cores and see how you get on

Thanks Paul, I will try that and let you know.

Hi David, the alert you are seeing is just a general forewarning that anyone will see, no matter how many cores the actual machine has, because under worst case conditions that is what could happen, namely audio drop outs, but that all depends on many factors: What VST-host is running, what other plug-ins, what other programs at the same time,…
In your case, I would not set HALion to use all cores but leave one or two cores for other activities, then you should be fine.

Thanks for that explanation Ulf. I have now set HALion to use 11 cores and everything is working perfectly with no drop outs.