[SOLVED] Multiple labels for a staff

For a musical score I need to label several staves with multiple names.

From bar 1 to bar 88 several characters are singing alternately in each voice.
I label the staves Voice 1, Voice 2, Voice 3 and the name of the changing characters appear above the notes.

From bar 89 to bar 138 specific characters are singing each voice, it is then usefull to label each staff with the specific character name:
Character 1, Character 2 and Character 3.

From bar 139 to the end the whole ensemble is then divided into three groups, it is then usefull to label each staff accordingly:
Choir 1, Choir 2 and Choir 3

How can I achieve this?

BTW such functionality is possible in Finale with Staff Styles.
Staff styles can be defined in Finale for each staff and for every bar or bar range.
A lot of staff features can be defined there, among them a full and an abreviated staff name.

It might have been helpful to continue the thread you started in December, here: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=128653&p=697774#p696915 given this is clearly related, but you’ve posted here so I’ll reply here.

You COULD do the following:
Set up a player holding multiple instruments (doesn’t really matter what instruments, though probably non-transposing instruments generally in treble clef)
Change the instrument names to Character 1, Character 2, Character 3 etc.
Dorico will then automate “instrument changes” and show change labels, which you’ll presumably want to hide by setting them to custom scale to 0%

and at the end set up three different players and change their instrument names for the three choirs.

It’s been made clear by the development team that “Staff styles” type stuff is on the roadmap - particularly for things like showing multiple flutes on one staff in the score, with separate parts. I expect (hope!) this sort of problem will become easier when that solution turns up.

Thanks for your answer.
Yes, in some way the other thread has some overlapping with this one but what I try to solve right now is different.

Unfortunately I don’t fully understand your suggestion.
I can’t follow what you mean with: “Dorico will then automate “instrument changes” and show change labels, which you’ll presumably want to hide by setting them to custom scale to 0%”
To me it sounds as if you are describing how several separate staves in an orchestral score can be merged together in one staff for the parts as explained in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KI5LAK371M (Creating Instrument Changes in Dorico")?
If yes, I am aware of this function but this is not what I am trying to do.
Sorry if I missunderstand what you explain.

I add two pictures to better illustrate what I am trying to achieve.

To simplify I use the vocal part and not the orchestral score.
The first picture is from the beginning of the song and on can see how three characters sing the upper voice and two characters the lower voice.

The second picture is from the middle of the song where the three voices are sung by three specific groups.

Later in the song, the labels should be Chor 1 and Chor 2.

What I’m suggesting is that you DO use instrument changes. Rather than your player holding a flute, a clarinet and a sax your player holds three characters, called Character 1, Character 2 and Character 3 (or Fagin, Artful Dodger and Oliver).

In Galley View in the score they’ll show as three separate staves, but on the page you can make them show as one stave where the name changes as necessary.

Does this make sense?

Thanks again for your answer.

I finally understand!
The missing link was that I did not fully understand the features of the Galley View.
I assumed that if you have 6 staves in the Galley View then you have 6 staves in the Page View.
I simply did not realize (and until now did not see) that the Galley View shows the music with one separate staff for each instrument of a player!

After I understood this, it was indeed very easy to set all things the way I need and it is a great feature that Dorico takes automatically care not only of the merging of all instruments in one staff but also of the multiple staff labelling!

Due to the fact that you insisted about using Instrument Changes I had to try to think deeper and I suddenly understood!
Thanks for that and yes, everything is making sense now :slight_smile:

Best regards

pianoleo also points out this great advice:

“Dorico will then automate “instrument changes” and show change labels, which you’ll presumably want to hide by setting them to custom scale to 0%”

I did that myself when viewing a Piccolo/Flute part in the Full Score. I did not want to see “To Piccolo” or “To Flute”, but wanted the Full Score to show “Flute” or “Piccolo” where appropriate. So I just selected the “To Piccolo” and “To Flute” text and set the custom scale to 0% for these items in the Full Score (they were still visible in the Piccolo/Flute part as I wanted).

At some point I am sure Dorico will improve on this, but for the time being it is great to have the custom scale property.