[SOLVED] Multitrack recording

Can cubasis record 2 audio channels at the same time?
For example:
track 1 a blue mikey digital input on the 30 pin
Track 2 the internal ipad’s mic or headset via the line in

Want to record a dj set via the blue mikey and crowd noise via the internal mic…

Thanx !

Hi there,

depending on the supported CC hardware you are using Cubasis is capable of recording audio simultaneously from up to 24 individual inputs (and provide the same number of individual outputs).

Furthermore you can either choose the internal mic or dedicated CC hardware for recordings but it is not possible to mix them as described in your message.



I have an additional question regarding Multitrack Recording -(forgive me if this question has alread been addressed)

Say I have the Steinberg UR-44 Interface and Cubasis on an Ipad, I believe the UR-44 has (6) inputs. Does this mean I can “Simultaneously” record (6) musicians -each with their own track? and if so, could those tracks subsequently be imported in Cubase for post processing etc?



Hi Scott,

yes, you can record 6 audio tracks at the same time plus the MIDI input and later on you can import your projects fully into Cubase with the Cubasis Project Importer:


Thanks! :wink:

Excellent news!! Thank you RG!