[Solved]My UR22 not allowing voice from the speakers

Hi, I just bought UR22. Installed drivers, connected to the computer with USB and when I made it as default function, the speakers (which are connected directly to the computer) stopped producing sound.
How do I make them work together?
I will appreciate you support :slight_smile:

Hi dorban89,

You have selected the UR22 as the default audiocard for your computer. So the internal soundcard of your computer is not giving out any audio anymore until you select the internal soundcard again. That means you also have to connect your speakers to the outputs on the rear panel of the UR22. Please make sure to first turn down the ouput volume of the UR22 to avoid damage of you speakers (and ears). When your speakers are connected carefully turn the output volume up again.

Best regads,
Stefan Schreiber