[SOLVED] N12 + NVIDIA + Full Screen = CRASH

I can replicate a instant crash with Nuendo 12 related to Video Player and screen resolution on a RTX3060 Ti gpu.

The gpu has 2x PC monitors and 1x TV attached via 2x Display Port and HDMI (respectively). Any project (even New/Empty projects) with a video will do this. Open video window, and project is fine. Move the window between the monitors and everything is fine.

  • When using mixed resolutions: Attempt to move the Video Widows from a DP monitor to the TV and Nuendo will crash (instant hard lock).
  • When using matched resolutions: Moving video window is fine. Resize to Full Screen on any Monitor and Nuendo will crash.

This is a brand new PC build. The old machine had NO graphics card installed, and we ran three monitors off the Intel/Mobo GPU (1x HDMI and 2x Thunderbolt). Never experienced this problem on that setup. Definitely Nuendo interaction with GPU and Screen Resolution related.

Have stripped the NVIDIA drivers down to bare bones. No PhysX or GeForce installed. Windows is well configured. Any ideas?

PC = i9 12900k, ASUS Z690, DDR5 5200, RTX 3060 Ti, SSDs, UAD, UFX+, etc.

Reinstalled Nuendo 11 and have no problem with video there.

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After working a project yesterday without any error, Nuendo 11 is now freezing because of video as well. Loading the same project from last night, and the Video Window does not display timecode. I can play the project and move the window, but video does not display. Neither does timecode. Attempting to close the Video Window causes Nuendo 11 to lock up.

This is on Windows 11 Pro btw.

On this forum, so a search on the supported video file formats. That might be an issue, rather than the hardware, since you were able to run it for a bit yesterday.

It was the same video both days… and the crash would also occur in a New Project with no video loaded.

I did receive a Message from Steinberg support, and their suggestion fixed the issue. Working now with no problem. Here was the message…

If Nuendo completely freezes when moving the video windows between monitors (does it also display a blank window?), the culprit might be the Nahimic Service.
Please try and either disable or uninstall it (I’d advice the latter for various reasons, including the ‘enhancements’ for the system’s audio output).
Nahimic comes with ASUS and MSI motherboards and gets installed automatically.

Disabled this service and all is well

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Well good to know you found the problem. Silly gamer stuff doing gamer things :smiley:. I had never heard of that and a quick Google search turns up that it causes issues with GAMES too not just pro audio :stuck_out_tongue:

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