SOLVED: N13 ánd N12 freeze on sample rate switch

When I open a project that has a different sample rate than the last project, Nuendo 13 freezes at “Reading project file”.

I am using a Focusrite Clarett 8 Pre USB. The interface switches sample rate (48kHz ↔ 44kHz), but Nuendo hangs. Anyone else having similar issues?

I’m running Mac OS Monterey 12.3.1 on a Mac Studio M1 Max

I have the same system. It could be an issue with the Focusrite drivers. I went through the same thing when I owned a Scarlett back in the day with Pro Tools. It would freeze when switching between music and Post projects with different sample rates (44k ↔ 48k). Sometimes I’d have to completely reboot.

I switched to an RME interface and the problem completely went away. It switches between sample rates like a champ and is the most rock solid interface I’ve owned (and I’ve had a lot of them).

Maybe try rolling back a driver to see if that helps, or if you have another DAW, try to duplicate the problem. This will tell you if it’s Nuendo or the drivers.


I never had this issue before. I’ve always been able to switch sample rates without any problems. It started with Nuendo 13. I will try updating the driver. Meanwhile I’ve contacted SB about it. Hopefully they can fix this in future maintainance update(s).

Update: the problem now also occurs with Nuendo 12. So when I open a project that has a different sample rate than the previous project (forcing the focus rite to change sample rate) Nuendo hangs. This has never happened before I installed N13!

I updated the drivers for the Focusrite to the latest version.

Also, when I select another audio device (for example the Mac’s audio jack output) the same issue happens.

I found the problem. I recently updated the SoundID Reference plugin and that is causing Nuendo to hang. Removing the plugin solves the issue.

We’ve had several comments to that effect on this forum. I hope SoundID will fix it.

I contacted SoundID about this issue and they are going to look into this issue. In the meantime I’d advice you to downgrade to an older version on Reference V5.7