"Solved" Natural Harmonics White Diamond Whole note are small


Another small question about natural harmonics on string instruments.

I noticed that White Diamond notehead are smaller if using a whole note. Is it normal?

Warm regards.

It’ll be the different noteheads involved - there’s a separate notehead for half notes vs whole notes. If you go to Engrave>Notehead Sets to open the Edit Notehead Sets dialog, select Diamonds from the Category menu, then the “White Diamond” style in the list on the left - you can edit the noteheads individually. For instance, you might double-click the notehead for whole notes (the smaller one) and in the editor that pops up, increase its scale to 130%.

(Note that editing that notehead directly also affects its appearance/size in all other notehead sets that it’s included in - if you only want to change it for this one notehead set, duplicate it first and edit the duplicate)

Thank you very much Lillie Haris :smiley: