[SOLVED] Need an audio interface for Cubasis?

Hi, is it possible to use Cubasis without an audio interface and what do you lose?

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Sure it is possible to use Cubasis by itself without an audio interface.

Cubasis comes with a built-in keyboard and pads to record the internal instruments or other apps that are connected via Audio Unit, Inter-App Audio or Audiobus 3. The internal iPad mic might be used to record vocals or acoustic guitars.

An additional audio interface such as Steinberg’s UR22mkII allows to connect audio equipment (such as a mic, a bass, a guitar etc.) to produce high quality audio recordings. Also external keyboards can be connected via the available MIDI jacks.

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Thanks Lars, glad to hear that. I just want to use it as a sketchpad really so that would be more than enough. :smiley:

Thanks again


Thanks for the update, Seamus!