[Solved]Network latency

interesting video - how does a live performer at the main site working with a couple of remote performers address the network latency? in using some other solutions, this can easily be 100-200ms for people within say 200 miles of the main site.

vst connect is not for musicians to play together at same time from different locations … but musician to record with Cubases playing back a recorded material, so the musician hears the playback music and plays along with it. the latency is not an issue here


Yes, you nailed it thank you for the reply :slight_smile:

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now after thinking about it,maybe it will be possible to play live 2 musicians(or more) on cubase click which calculates the latencies from all sides and actually we have the feel of play real time where the click is the offset…
the only “limitation” is playing along with a click and not freely…!!