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I have version 4, but have seen no notes about this idea regarding 5, so am assuming there’s no way to do it, yet:

In Preferences, under Note Input and Editing, under Pitch and Duration, it would be nice to be able to specify dotted rhythms and articulations after the fact, but accidentals before inputting notes. At the moment they’re ‘lumped together’ as a single option, so they’re all either one way or all the other.

Just wishin’

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If you’re doing any note input at all, I’d recommend getting a MIDI keyboard, which removes the need to set the accidental at all. (Enharmonics notwithstanding…)

Even something like the Akai LPK25, which costs very little, will save you time.

I do have a MIDI keyboard. All my input is from that. The problem is with enharmonic spelling. If Dorico in its algorithmic wisdom decides that the note I input is a G# rather than the Ab I intended, and if my Preferences are set to change accidentals after the fact, then if I hit the ‘flat’ button, That G# changes not to the Ab I wanted but to Gb. In other words it keeps the same ‘note name’ and changes the accidental on THAT, rather than changing the accidental on the PITCH I input.

That’s why I wanted to be able to specify the accidental wanted prior to input of the note from the MIDI keyboard. As it is, I have to leave input mode, go to Write>Respell and do the work there, then come back to input mode. Huge time loss.

IIRC ALT/OPT works retroactively with the plus and minus keys to change notes enharmonically.

You should use respell using note name above/below to do that (also possible while using the caret), for which you can also set key commands. (probably exactly what @derrek just suggested. And yes, this command applies to the current selected note, that happens to be the last inserted one :slight_smile: )

Also I suggest you se set the following option as desired in Note Input Options:

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I’ve found I do better if the ‘Allow spelling of notes to be adjusted retrospectively’ is turned OFF. The algorithm my make more sense than the way I want to put it in does, but I’m trying to preserve the spelling used in the original organ piece that I’m orchestrating, and as that piece is not my own composition I feel obliged to retain the composer’s spellings (even though he is deceased).

I’m being dense here. How does this work while using note input from a MIDI keyboard. Is this supposed to work no matter which way the Preferences is set, to before or after? I’m trying it but not getting your suggested results. The algorithm seems to override whatever I ask for.

@L3B If you see my previous post I suggest to use respell using note name below/above : also possible while using the caret, inside note input mode, and you can assign a shortcut to it in the preferences, so it is only one click to change the note enharmonically. (I use command- and command+ for this) :

CleanShot 2024-04-24 at 22.22.20

And this works independently on how you set this preference, using a MIDI keyboard:

Christian, thank you so much. I had not understood this feature and it solves my problem easily and exactly. Thanks so much.

–Len Bassham

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@L3B You are welcome!