[SOLVED] New iPad iap Will Not Restore

I just purchased a 4th gen ipad pro. I installed Cubasis 3. It asked me to register so I did. Then when I selected restore iap it says there is nothing to restore on this account. I am logged on with my only Apple ID. I still have my 10.5 Ipad pro does that have anything to do with it? They were originally purchased in Cubasis 2. I have rebooted the new iPad, closed Cubasis 3 and tried again, uninstalled and reinstalled, and rebooted the new ipad many times all with the same result. All of my other music apps restored the iaps with no problem so this points to something with Cubasis 3 (or me lol).

I had to install Cubasis LE 2 where I started from. Restore the upgrade to full, restore the iaps, and then it gave me an option to send them to Cubasis 3.

Hi Basseldon,

Thanks for the update, glad to hear the issue could be resolved!