[SOLVED]New MacBook


I just got my new MacBook PRO. And what I realized is that it doesn’t have a CD drive.

So my question is: Do I download Cubase 7.5 from homepage? Or do I need to first download cubase 7.0 before downloading cubase7.5? Installation went pretty fast… not more then 20 second… so Am worried that all of the features were not included?

I do have 2.3 Ghz i7 with SSD hardisk… so that might be the reason of the fast installation… However when i look in cubase info it says his size is only 791,3 MB…


the complete Cubase 7.5 installer iso-files are available below the updates here:

Hi thank you.

I installed it from there. But my memory tells me that cubase is 8+ GB size and in my cubase installed info it says only 791,3 MB

Then you didn’t scroll down far enough :wink:.
The third download on that page is the full installer, the first 2 are updates for existing installations of Cubase. It mentions that this download is 7GB which sounds better than the 800MB you got.