[Solved] New score layouts get Default Part Master Page Set

I couldn’t find if this has come up in the forum before.
When you create a new Full Score or Custom Score layout, it will be assigned the ‘Default Part’ master page set by default. I think I saw this happen in 1.x as well, at least I remember messing up the wrong set of master pages some time, when the set meant for parts was linked to a score.
It’s a relatively minor issue, as it can be readjusted easily once you notice it (at an early stage, preferably).
Also happens when creating a project from one of the templates, but that’s probably the same routine technically.

I think it’s extremely likely that you’ve messed up your defaults, as I don’t see this behaviour here (and never have done before), and nobody else seems to have reported this.

You probably did this:

Opened a full score layout.
Opened Layout Options > Page Setup.
Set Master Page Set to Default Part
Hit Apply
Hit Save as Default (either in the same session, or possibly days/weeks/months later).

The solution is to:

Open a full score layout.
Open Layout Options > Page Setup.
Set Master Page Set to Default Score
Hit Apply
Hit Save as Default.

Job done.

Thanks pianoleo, no doubt you’re right. I saved as new default and the issue is gone. Duh!..