[SOLVED] Next update, next problems.... :(

Guys it looks like something really wrong happend in your company.

First thing after install new update?

Crash, crash, and one more time crash… during opening previous version project. and: “windows try to run nuendo next time with compatibility because of problems”…

Now, when I choose Stereo Out in Zones for seeing it on my right all the time what happend? Nothing! Its broken!!!

What is that red stripes on every 2 channells on mixer? It looks very strange. It dissipates. It’s some mistake or you wanted it looks like this?

That’s impression after 3 minutes of working with new update of Nuendo… :frowning: what next!!! I think it’s not the end of surprises…

I lost one session day when control room level changes automaticaly during realtime bouncing. I thought I spoiled something in settings and for 4 hours I did everything to find my mistake. And… It was your mistake!!! How could you not see at least once how realtime is working before release of a new version?!? (6.03) and waitin over 2 months for resolve this problem??? Scandal!

Guys, you have program for $2k, and since over 1 year I have just many troubles with it!!! Lost many hours for passing you problems. who returns lost money? I’m sure not you, becouse there is even no possibility to contact you directly. Just by our country distributor. I tried once already. 2 months - no answer. Congratulations!!!

It seems like there is no other way but change DAW…


Nuendo Strange Mixer.jpg
Is that kind of colour on mixer normaly?

Hi jansmoczynski,

sorry for the inconvenience.
Installing the update seems to have failed. Please remove Nuendo from your system and reinstall it.

Best regards,

Thanks it helps