[Solved] No dspMixFX app on mac?

I purchased the UR44 second hand about 9 months ago and have been able to use it well since. I now have a issue though where I want to be able to use the dspMixFX app for routing my mix buses (I’m not sure how it’s supposed to work but I am yet to find out). I noticed that when setting up my driver, the only app I have on my computer is the “Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver” in my applications folder. The problem is that all the manuals reference the dspMixFX app in the applications folder (it’s definitely not there) and the usb driver settings being in my system settings (which also is not the case).
Also in the applications folder is a folder called “TOOLS_for_UR44_V230_Mac” which contains manuals, installers and uninstallers for the driver, basic fx suite and “UR44 applications”. None of those (except the usb driver) can be found on my computer.
I am on MacOS sonoma, 2020 M1 with 16gb of RAM. Have I done something wrong during the setup?

Edit: was able to solve by uninstalling everything, restarting a few times and making sure that the interface wasn’t even available in audio midi setup and then installing everything again and restarting. Now the app is in my applications folder.