(SOLVED) No input sound from UR22


I need some inspiration here. I have installed Cub10 on my Macbook for a little recording project. I have some backing tracks running 96/32float and want to record some vocal tracks in mono out in town. Everything are set up.

In audioconnections I have created 2 mono busses UR22 mono 1 + 2 ( I only need the one)
I have created a few monotracks in my arrangement and connected a bus to the tracks. (Mono in)
I have monitor on.

Now I connect my mic, phantom power on and headphones. When I speak in my mic, I hear the direct signal from UR22, but I have nothing in cubase. No inputs flashes in the mixer. It’s like the inputs doesn’t exists. Though I can se them in my Audio connections menu.

I have tried different configurations, mono 2, stereo etc, reboot. but no succes.

Any ideas?



Got it :slight_smile:

Cubase wasn’t allowed to use the microphone in the Mac’s security settings. Everything up-