SOLVED No menu in sample editor window

When I double click on a sample to open the sample editor window, there are no options showing on the left hand side of the window i.e. VariAudio.
I haven’t altered any of the editor or audio editor settings, but every “how to” video or instruction I can find shows a list of options down the left side of the sample editor window. The setup options in the sample editor don’t seem to give me that option either. I have W10, Cubase 10.0.5 Pro. I’m sure it’s just a setting, and probably somewhere obvious, but I just cant find it.
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Does the Editor open in the Lower Zone or in a dedicated window?

If it’s in the Lower Zone, you can find the tabs in the Inspector. Switch between Track and Editor Inspector.

If it’s in the window, enable the Left Zone of the Editor in the upper right corner of the window.

Oh boy.
So simple (When you know how)
I was using the windowed version and didn’t have the correct zone switched on !