[Solved] No playback for Kontakt on Dorico Pro 3.5 (Trial)

When I load my players, and assign instruments/VSTs in the play settings and align them to the right channels for each player, I sometimes get feedback from one instrument but not the others. For instance, I chose a String Quintet, 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass. I then go into play section, and load my Kontakt VSTs. I then assign them to the players through the appropriate channels. I go back to write mode. Violin 1 works, but none of the other instruments work. I look to see if they’re muted, but they aren’t. Is there a fix to this problem?

See images below.




Set to right port. Sometimes the audio playback works, sometimes it doesn’t. What am I doing wrong here?

Could you please share that project (zip up and attach here)? And also, please do Help > Create Diagnostics Report and also attach here. Thanks

If you’re using 5 kontakt instances, each should probably be set to midi channel 1… Unlike if you’re using one multi…

Sure, here’s the attachment.
Secondary Dominants.zip (1.12 MB)

I’m a total amateur to using DAWs/notation software that lets you load VSTs into them and stuff like this I’ll admit it. Does it make it non-functioning if I do it to separate channels? If not, what’s the con/benefits etc.?

My hunch was based on your image (now expired…) of play mode where I think I saw Vln1 set to VST1 on channel 1 and Vln2 set to VST2 on channel 2… etc.

If all you’ve done is load a single instrument into each VST they will all have been set to receive on channel 1 by default, so in Dorico play mode you would have to change the Midi channels to 1 for all VSTs (or manually change the channel numbers in each Kontakt instance to match what you have in Dorico).

Yeah that was literally the problem and you helped me solve it. Thank you so much. I didn’t realise that would happen with loading different instances, I actually thought that was how you assigned to a different channel. I really am a total n00b at this. Cheers again.