[Solved] No playback

Hi everybody, I know that someone has already asked this but I cannot find a solution. Suddenly there’s no playback, there was before but not now. I’ve already tried what it has been suggested, try to reload the instruments, try to check the audio options but there’s no sound. When I open the Halion Se interface the instruments are loaded, you can see their meters moving, even if I try something on the keyboard they move but still I cannot hear a sound. Why ? If I export the file as xml and then import it again the sound comes out but with different samples in a random way. For example the sound of an electric bass comes out when I have not used it! What’s going on? Is there a way to fix a huge problem like this one?
Thank you very much,


My colleague Ulf would normally ask you to create a new project, add a piano instrument, enter a few notes into the piano instrument, then save the project, zip it up into an archive, and attach it here. Then he can take a look at the data inside the project file and tell you why you’re not getting any sound, and hopefully also provide a suggestion as to what the remedy might be.

The problem is that with a new file the sound is there again. It’s with my file that it doesn’t work!
Anyway, I attach a zip of a new piano file with some notes inside but, as I said, this one works.

Thank you very much
testing.dorico.zip (199 KB)

Would it be possible that you send me your other Dorico project? If you are hesitating to post it here publicly, you could send it to me in a private mail. Use the little button on the right that says “PM”.

I would like to do that but in PM it says that neither Dorico nor zip files are allowed and here it says that my file is too big!

You can email it to Ulf at u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de.

It’s sorted now.

I’m in the same situation (Dorico sound with new files, one old file that’s silent). Is this a solution that could help me?

Try using Play > Reapply Default Playback Template, and Play > Load Sounds for Unassigned Instruments, to see if that helps.