[Solved] No Sound At All! 06/18/2017


I just downloaded Dorico for the first time but there is absolutely no sound; neither in playback nor in write mode.
I read through the FAQ and some forum posts but they did not resolve the issue. I would appreciate some help. Attached you can find a test project and my VST Audio Engine Folder.
Also, I noticed in the device setup, there are no input or output ports listed.

No sound.zip (638 KB)
VSTAudioEngine_64.zip (239 KB)

If no output ports are listed, then you certainly won’t get any sound.
At the top of the driver control panel is the option “Allow ASIO host application to take exclusive control.”
What if you untick that one, do ports get listed?

If not, what if instead of the Generic Low Latency Driver you choose the ASIO4All driver? Because from the VSTAudioEngine folder I can see that that one lists an “HD Audio output”, most likely the output of your internal sound chip.

I cannot get any sound with any of the driver and de selecting “Allow ASIO host application to take exclusive control” does not add anything to the output port section. ASIO4All didn’t work either although it shows the output port :frowning:

Please select the ASIO4All driver, create a simple project and then post here.

If Dorico resp. the VSTAudioEngine is not offered any output port to play out through, well, then you can’t blame it. It’s a driver or hardware issue then.

How about other programs, e.g. sequencer or scoring applications, do they sound with you? Do you have other programs open at the same time that maybe “claim” the audio device?

I noticed there are some weird behaviors with my sounds in general so I uninstalled Dorico and all the sound drivers, then updated my Operating system (which automatically reinstalled my sound drivers) and installed Dorico (with the default installation paths) and now sound is working in Dorico!

Thanks :slight_smile: