[solved] No sound from mediabay (cubase artist)

Please help I’m not getting any sound from media bay. All of the other solutions I’ve read involve disabling control room, but I’m using Artist so there is no control room.


The output of MediaBay Preview is routed to the “Stereo Out” by default (if there is no Control Room). To be precise to the Output bus, which is marked as “Main Mix” (orange speaker in the VST Connections > Outputs).

In that case it is routed correctly, but I’m still not getting any sound

Okay, I think my problem is further up the line. I can see my audio files and scroll through them in media bay, but they don’t show up in the previewer. Is there anything I need to do to automatically send them there?

By default, the loop plays once you select it. Might be, the Auto Play is switched Off in your MediaBay. Can you start the playback manually?

Nope. The waveforms dont show up in the previewer, and pressing play does nothing. Its like I’m clicking on the samples but they aren’t loading.

Aha, so I see it plays stock cubase content - stuff from the loopmash 2 folder for example. But it won’t play my .wav files. My .wavs play in every other application though, so I know they aren’t corrupt or anything. Plus they played fine through mediabay on my previous install of cubase on another computer.

Aha! Solved it. Turns out I had renamed the files a while ago, but cubase never caught on. I had to right click my hard drive and “rescan disk”. I was under the impression that the view into the folder is live but I guess its not. Thanks. :smiley: