"Solved" No sound to new instrument

I open a project made last year and add a second violin to it.
It appears on the score but not on the mixer.
I restarted Dorico, and also restart the computer but it didn’t fix it.

A part of the project

Try this:

Go into Play mode.
In the Play menu, select Playback Template…
Choose Silence, Apply and Close
Repeat the above steps, but instead of Silence, choose the Playback Template you want - for me, that was HSSE+HSO (Pro).

Woah it worked :+1:t2:

Thank you very much.

I just wish it didn’t happen in the first place but now at least I can fix it.

One thing I noticed in the file you supplied, and I don’t know how this would have happened, is that when I opened a Mixer window, the Violin 2 did not appear there (as you mentioned, now that I have just re-read your original post), but it does show as a MIDI instrument.

Yes, I don’t know why the Violin 2 didn’t appear in the mixer, but after your fix, it appear properly.