[Solved] No VST playback in Dorico Pro 4

Update: It works with a new project, but not an old project that I worked on with Dorico Pro 3.5. I’m wondering if others have had similar issues with importing old projects over into Pro 4 and why playback might be an issue?

Further Update: When loading in the existing project, the VSTs weren’t loaded in the racks automatically (although it kind of still guessed the last configuration so showed the kontakt player and channel routing) so Kontakt itself wasn’t running a default player. When a player was loaded in, sound wasn’t getting produced/output until I saved the project and then restarted the project. This has been the solution to this issue, but it seems like it might be a bug since restarting the software after is required.

So I updated from Dorico Pro 3.5 to 4, and I’m getting no playback. I have the exact same settings as in 3.5 and have updated my Kontakt player to see if this is the culprit. It looks like the player is producing noise but I’m getting no output at all. I’m wondering what’s went wrong?

Here are screen shots of my current device set up configuration: